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Greenroofs in Paris, via

Copyright: Nature Capitale – A creation by Gad Weil Photo credit : Nature Capitale/Resolute D.R.Paris surprised me last year when I visited to poke around looking for signs of urban agriculture. (Perhaps because I had no expectations, I was totally impressed by what I saw. In fact, it turned out to be the lead chapter of main part of my book on the various cities at the forefront of urban agriculture that I visited.)

First of all, Paris is where many of the elements that we use today in modern urban agriculture came the mid-19th century. (Paris' maraicher district was the primary urban gardening zone of the city...and it was so successful and productive that all over France, urban and peri-urban market gardeners are known as maraichers / maraicheres.)

Today, Paris has a very active urban beekeeping scene. The fact that pesticide use in the city limits has been illegal for over a decade might be a significant element of the success of Paris' urban bee hives. It's also not a city I associate with community gardens, but I found a fantastic one just around the corner from my friends' flat and met a wonderful community gardener, M. Griffault. Here's my post from last October about Paris' urban agriculture.

It's not just food that Parisians are growing...there are around 10 urban vineyards in right in the city, and 132 in the greater Paris metropolitain area.

Today, via a report by Alex Davies on, it seems that Paris is going to surge ahead with 80,000 square yards of green roofs and rooftop gardens by 2020.

Félicitations, Paris!



Happy Hour: Urban Wine and you'll never guess where

I'm trying to be hip AND ironic AND seemingly bored with my trip all at once.London (that London) has embraced the local food movement so much that there is now a group of over 100 backyard grape growers pooling their grape harvests to make a "south London" wine. I imagine that it's OK, not great, but OK. But everyone has to start somewhere. And there's good precedent for urban winemaking in places in Paris and in Vienna. Moreover, I was very impressed with two bottles British whites I picked up on my trip.

So here's your Friday tipple. Raise a glass to London's urban wine: Chateau Tooting (Click the link to the left to go to the video)