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High School Senior blogs as she learns and writes about food, urban ag, and permaculture

I got a lovely note from a reader today. It was from a high school senior in Cleveland whose interests mirror my own: journalism, food and urban agriculture. She sent me a note about my book and how it is inspiring it was to her. That makes me feel pretty good, I must say.

That said, I find her current project totally interesting. Chloé has just begun a three-week senior project which will have her writing about her experiences at Rid-All Green Partnership, an urban farm in Cleveland. Check out her blog here, and follow along. I will be reading. Thanks Chloé for spreading the word about Rid-All.




Backyard Chickens, Episode 36, on KevinTV from Edmonton

Kevin Kossowan is a local food enthusiast and educator in Edmonton. He started with a really great blog a few years ago and now blogs and has his own web-based local food show, on what he's named KevinTV. I'm a big fan of KevinTV because he films episodes about what people are doing to rediscover what can be produced in the Edmonton area. From ice fishing on local lakes (and making perch caviar) to visiting the kill floor at a local abatoir in nearby Sangudo to growing kale in the winter in cold frames.

Here's the latest episode of KevinTV. Locally, independently produced television from my home town.

Back yard hens make nothing but sense to me, yet it remains illegal in our municipal law. In an environment where urban ag and sustainable living are relevant, I can't see how the bylaws can stand as they are. So I'm visiting folks with hens, to see their setups and get their thoughts. This is part 1 of many.