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Honoured to be included in Best Food Writing series

November 15, 2016 $15.99 USD / $21 CDN Paperback Original Food / Essays 304 pages ISBN 978-0-7382-1945-5Now THIS is a nice posting to write. My "Three Ring Meal: grasping the novelty of modern dining" article from Eighteen Bridges magazine has made the cut. It appears in the 2016 Best Food Writing, a terrific series now in its seventeeth year from Da Capo Press. 

This series is a my go-to anthology each year for the collection of great I'm still not entirely convinced that I should be in there with the likes of Pete Wells, Francis Lam, Dianne Jacob, John Birdsall, and even the late Oliver Sacks. Holy Moses.

Mostly, I'm thrilled to shine a light on Eighteen Bridges, the best damn Canadian narrative journalism magazine you've never heard of. Well, in 2017, we're planning on changing that...not the quality of the magazine, just the fact that we win so many national and Western magazine awards but no one knows about us. (Disclosure: I'm a contributing editor and I write the food column each issue.) Please support great narrative journalism and Canadian writers by subscribing to Eighteen Bridges.

Best Food Writing 2016 hits the bookstores this month. Here's the full lineup of selections and authors.

We’re pleased to announce our selections for…

Edited by Holly Hughes

Brooklyn Is Everywhere, Bon Appetit

By John Birdsall

On Chicken Tenders, Guernica

By Helen Rosner

In Praise of Ugly Food, Serious Eats

By Kat Kinsman

How to Dupe a ‘Moderately OK’ Food Critic, East Bay Express

By Luke Tsai

Three-Ring Meal: The Grasping Novelty of Modern Dining, Eighteen Bridges

By Jennifer Cockrall-King

Sorry, Blue Apron, the Joys of Cooking Can’t Fit in a Box, the New Republic

By Corby Kummer

Quitting Season, Edible Baja Arizona

By Debbie Weingarten

The True Story of Good Coffee, the Awl

By Matt Buchanan

Getting Drunk on Tea Infusions with Montreal’s Underground Connoisseurs, Vice Magazine

By Rowan Jacobsen

The Great Bourbon Taste Test, Garden & Gun

By Wells Tower

The Case for Bad Coffee, Serious Eats

By Keith Pandolfi

Blending In, Food & Wine

By Steve Hoffman

The Servant Problem, the Jemima Code

Toni Tipton-Martin

Chained to the Stove: What It’s Really Like to Write a Cookbook, Serious Eats

By Jessica Battilana

The Epiphany that Turned Me Into a Good Baker, the Washington Post

By Kathy Gunst

Zahav V. The Food Lab, Food52

By Phyllis Grant

What It’s Like to Cook With Dominique Crenn, Food & Wine

By Daniel Duane

Pile of Goop, the Charlotte Observer

By Kathleen Purvis

Moving Kitchen, Crumbs on the Table

By Laura Donohue

The Meaning of Mangoes, Lucky Peach

By Dianne Jacob         

The Millionaire’s Turkey: A Father-Daughter Story, Serious Eats

By Betsy Andrews

Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, Gravy Quarterly

By Besha Rodell

Mom’s Meatballs, the Miami Herald

By Victoria Pesce Elliot

Kummerspecks, Food for the Thoughtless

By Michael Procopio

Butchering London, Roads & Kingdoms

By Chris Newens

Charred & Feathered, Audubon

By Brian Kevin

Ya-Ka-Mein: Old Sober, Edible New Orleans

By L. Kasimu Harris

Hot Sauce in Her Bag, Eater

By Mikki Kendall

Glori-fried and Glori-fied, Gravy Quarterly

By Alice Randall

Everyday Sacred: A Personal Path to Gumbo, Serious Eats

By Pableaux Johnson

The American Diner at Age 143, Pacific Standard

By Max Ufberg

Penn Station’s Underground Raw Bar, Edible Manhattan

By Tove Danovich

Table for One, Gastronomica

By James Nolan

Dinner and Deception, the New York Times

By Edward Frame

The Hunger Games, Travel + Leisure

By Howie Kahn 

Eating and Drinking in Mexico City: A Diary, the Washingtonian

By Todd Kliman

Bo Bech Discovers the Bounty of Virginia, Travel + Leisure

By Jason Tesauro

Smoke Signals, Bon Appetit

By Julia Kramer

Why Serious Bakers Have Mother Issues, Serious Eats

By Andrea Strong

Cooks Are Different, Tin House

By Michael Ruhlman 

Rites of the Caquelon, Ski Magazine

By Tim Neville

The Chef Who Saved My Life, GQ

By Brett Martin

Sonoko Dreams of Soba, Saveur

By Francis Lam

So Long, Menus; Hello, Pots and Pans, the New York Times

By Pete Wells

The Breakfast Club, the Lucky Peach

By Rachel Levin

Dinner Party Diaries, Saveur

By Andrew Sean Greer

Churnin’, Hungry Passport

By Carol Penn-Romine

The Breakfast Club, the Lucky Peach

By Rachel Levin

Filter Fish, the New Yorker

By Oliver Sacks



Lancement de «La révolution de l’agriculture urbaine» jeudi 18 août, 5 à 7 Montréal

Lancement de «La révolution de l’agriculture urbaine» Jeudi 18 aout, 5 à 7Over the past several months, I’ve been working with the wonderful publishing team at Éditions Ecosociété on an update and translation to Food and the City: Urban Agriculture and the New Food Revolution. We added a new chapter on UA in Montreal, written by d'Éric Duchemin et Jean-Philippe Vermette, as well as a new foreword by Vincent Galarneau (author of «Villes nourricières»).

While I won’t be able to personally attend the Montreal launch, Eric, Jean-Philippe and the team at Éditions Ecosociété will be there. And you and your urban-food-loving networks are all invited! (More info below and on this Événement facebook.

If you have a moment, please share this with anyone you think might be interested. And, of course, on social media. The publisher has worked very hard on this new update and translation, and we’re all really proud of our book project.

For those of you in Europe, «La révolution de l’agriculture urbaine» launches in January 2017.




Top Food Media Influencers in Edmonton via Little Bird

I love that Sherwood Park, a bedroom community about 15 minutes east of Edmonton, will go down in history as the birthplace of the #YEGfoodhuddle movement. There's not much to speak of restaurant-wise in Sherwood Park, and it makes for great storytelling when something unlikely happens in the most unlikely of locations. No? What's YEGFood Huddle? It's hard to say at this point, only that Edmonton has a number of passionate people--chefs, producers, food writers/bloggers, and other invested parties-- who feel that we need to talk about the city's "food image problem," and that we need more communication amongst ourselves so that we can better represent ourselves to the wider world. Basically, we need to crow about our strengths (because we know no one else will) and we need to work on our weaknesses.

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Maclean's Magazine article: The world's finest avant-garde chefs descend on Alberta and find an underrated food wonderland

When some of the world's best chefs arrived in Alberta for Cook It Raw, the annual atelier of culinary creativity led by Alessandro Porcelli, I went along for the ride.

First there was the gathering of Alberta chefs in Lac La Biche, 2.5 hours northeast of Edmonton. There chefs who only get to interact in quasi-competition-style events and fundraisers got to camp together, fish, cook, and eat for four days without the distractions and obligations of their harried professional lives.

Connie DeSousa (co-chef / co-owner CHARCUT Roast House and Cam Dobranksi, chef, owner Brasserie Kensington, Kensington Wine Bar and Container Bar, with bison legSmoking meat and fish in Lac La Biche at Violet Cardinal's land on the Beaver Lake Cree Nation

In October, the troupe of chefs in Porcelli's orbit arrived to add some Michelin-star sparkle and international attention to the exercise. There was another camping trip, this time up in Kananaskis Country, in a WiFi free backcountry zone. It was like an episode of "So You Want to be a Canadian" (not a real show), with canoeing, fishing, moose- and bear-spotting, foraging, and lots of beers around late-night campfires. They also did some serious work, building up the seven dishes that they would reveal for a big media event on Saturday night in the SAIT professional teaching kitchens, and then again to the public on Sunday afternoon at Rouge Restaurant in Calgary.

Canoeing at Upper Kananaskis Lake, AlbertaTeam Root Vegetable presents their dish-in-progress at Mount Engadine Lodge, Kananaskis, Alberta

Team Red Fife's final dish at the Saturday night presentation at SAIT, Calgary

Honey-cured trout, Team Honey, final dish presenation at SAIT, CalgarySaskatoon dessert in a birch log, Team Saskatoon, SAIT, CalgaryL -> R Alessandro Porcelli, Blair Lebsack (RGE RD restaurant Edmonton) and Cam Dobranski, Jp McMahon, Aniar restaurant Galway, Ireland at SAIT Calgary

Here's the story (online as of October 30, 2015):

Appears in the November 9, 2015 print edition of the magazine.


Okanagan Food & Wine Writers' Workshop 2015

Every year, I pull together a few of Canada's top food, wine, and travel writers to instruct at the Okanagan Food & Wine Writers' Workshop.

Now in its 6th year, from September 11-13, we'll learn from award-winning author and travel writers Marcello Di Cintio, WestJet editor Jill Foran, NUVO magazine editor Claudia Cusano, and me for six professional development sessions over two-and-a-half days in Kelowna, British Columbia--the food and wine eipcentre of Canada's hottest wine region. There are also exclusive food and wine experiences that only happen at the Okanagan Food & Wine Writers' Workshop. See what writer Roslyne Buchanan has to say about past workshops here.

The early-bird registration discount on workshop fees has been extended until July 31. Click here to find out more about the schedule and the registration info on the Okanagan Food & Wine Writers' Website.