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Sunday Garden Tour: Jasper, Alberta

Kudos to Jasper, a tiny town tucked in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, for the raging success of its new community garden. My parents alerted me to its existence, and took these photos for the blog.

According to a report in the local Jasper newspaper (where I found the background info on this garden), a 23-plot garden near the library began in 2010 as a pilot project. It proved successful enough that the town gave them a nice, new 51-plot space on some prime real estate: the grassy median on Connaught Drive, the main street in Jasper. Normally this space is covered with elk lolling around on the grass. Now with the community garden, it might be interesting to see how involved the fencing will need to be. (Elk are notorious garden shrub and food garden munchers, and the tall eight-to-nine foot fencing around the yards in the Jasper townsite is evidence of elk and deer's keen interest in raiding gardens.

Here are photos (taken by my parents) in Oct 2011. Given Jasper's northern and alpine climate, coupled with the miserably cold and wet summer we had in Alberta, I want to acknowledge how lush and lovely these gardens are looking, well past the "gardening" season in this part of Canada.

Kale and beets, so late-season crops doing well into October!

Flowers, grasses and herbs on a mound. Why not.

Cold frame to keep away pesky frostkill.


Playstation, old skool.Community supported!

Elk-high fencing is a must in Jasper.The very important compost pile.

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Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for the kudos! Sorry it took so long to find your blog piece. A friendly local saw it and posted the link to our FB page. Come visit us this summer?

February 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJLFS

Hi! Well, it was my parents who were in Jasper and took the photos this fall. It looks lovely. Hopefully I'll be through Jasper this summer. Maybe there would be enough interest in my book that I could do a talk and slideshow / book signing event:)?? Imagine how great your gardens will be in a "normal" summer (with some heat and less rain.)
Thanks for the comment. Jennifer

February 25, 2012 | Registered CommenterJennifer CK

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